The Flirtshop is one part of Flirt Life University.  Flirt Life University is dedicated to helping you find more confidence and live life in a way that feels good to you, without all the baggage and guilt. 

Yvette Keyes, our founder,  has been a dance instructor for over 15 years winning numerous awards. Not having the typical "dancer body" she has dedicated her life to helping women feel good in the skin they're in and rediscover their own power. 

About Us

‚ÄčEmpowering Women Through Sensual Movement

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a place to spend your time and your money. How many businesses profit off of you not feeling good about yourself? Isn't it time to invest in the fact that you are enough at the exclusive experience that only we bring? 
This isn't about moving to lose weight, this is about moving for pleasure...

the flirtshop

Come out and play...

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out? Maybe you've been feeling less than confident with yourself. Overwhelmed, and overworked? Then you need to come play at  The Flirtshop...


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