​Empowering Women Through Sensual Movement

the flirtshop

Located in Des Moines, IA 

Is this right for me? 

 Yvette, Thanks for sharing your light and talent with all of us! Super inspired to start taking classes again after too many years off! - Andrea B

So awesome to have such an inspiring and girl power dance coach! I am so excited for future classes!! - Taylor T

Every time I come to class I feel lighter when I leave. Like you vacuumed all the yucky stuff from the world out of me. - Theresa S

I was very hesitant at first when I got here, but as class went on and I was like hey if you think I'm beautiful and my body is amazing then maybe it is, so I just went with it! - Stacey S 

So you want to know if this is really for you? Here's a quick list of four out of the many many ways it may be...​

 Feeling less than confident? 
Come on in. You will find lovely ladies just like you who were unsure and uncomfortable when they fist arrived, but now enjoy the feeling of confidence and empowerment that our classes give. 

Tired of feeling judged? 
Our classes provide a judgment free environment. You will feel comfortable enough to let go and let your hair down. 

Feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed? Overworked? 
Dance is a GREAT stress reliever. 

Lost? It happens to the best of us. You find your way when you find you and you'll discover new things about you every time you join us in sisterhood. 

What are people saying? 

About Us

It's about YOU LOVING YOU. It's about you being comfortable in all that is you. Being comfortable in the skin you're in and loving your body where it is right now, not 20 pounds from now. Appreciating everything your body is capable of . Focusing on every  PERFECT inch that is you. (Don't you dare roll your eyes and think I'm not talking about you) I promise it's there if you accept it. :-) 

I created The Flirtshop out of my dream for gorgeous beauties to have a way to reconnect with or discover themselves through the power and enjoyment that is felt through sensual dance movement. I  provide you with an experience that isn’t about fitness, but about fun…letting go of whatever is holding you back from becoming who you really want to be. Reinforcing the belief your wants and needs are ok.

The Flirtshop helps you dance away your inhibitions and welcome the inherent sexiness that lies inside of you. These intimate, 90-minute lessons -- which are designed for all dance levels -- foster a fun, safe, and supportive environment that help bring a side of you that you haven't felt in a while. Engulf yourself in confidence and sass as you learn everything from basic floor work to enticing twirls while adding some extra sizzle to your life. You owe it to yourself to come check out the one of a kind experience at The Flirtshop and see why it’s the place for ladies just like you.  

Welcome to The Flirtshop