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the flirtshop

Excited, curious or still a little nervous about coming to The Flirtshop?

It's normal to be a little nervous or intimidated when checking out these types of classes for the first time. In fact most first time Flirts are a little shy when they come into a class or workshop, but they warm up quickly and are laughing and having a great time before they know it. When they leave class, they're so glad they came. Yvette makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and at home. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions...

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some ladies come to class in work out clothes, other ladies come in their favorite pair of heels, leggings a tank top and lipstick. This is your moment to bring out whatever it is you want to discover in you so dress accordingly. 

I have no prior dance/fitness experience, will I be able to keep up in class?

Classes are geared towards beginners. No worries if you have two left feet, have never attended a fitness class. We structure our classes so that everyone can participate, have fun, learn something and leave feeling a great sense of accomplishment. 

Do I need to bring anything else with me to class? 

 An open mind and positive attitude is always helpful. You may want to bring a handle towel...you may glisten a little depending on the class. ;-)  For some classes you may want to bring knee pads. 

How do I sign up?

CLICK HERE to see our current classes taking registrations. 

Have additional questions? Email info@playattheflirtshop.com