Shaleah Love - Inspired By Beyonce

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Dutty Wine - This is a class filled with an uptempo style of dancing with music originating from Jamaica. This form of dancing will work on all areas of the body and allowing you to learn how to feel great in your own skin. Building a healthy personality and feeling great about yourself is the best thing any woman can do for herself. This class takes you to a different place inside and out. Each move will be broken down and any and everyone can learn these moves. You'll be dancing like a Jamaican women by the end of the class. 

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Hello, I'm Shaleah Love. Originally from the Bronx, NY but currently living and loving in Atlanta. I am a recent newlywed. I enjoy writing, traveling and dancing. I am a Paralegal, by profession, but a Diva for life. I have been dancing since high school and I have loved dance ever since. 

Hi, I'm Tiff Love the Twerk Flirt. The funny thing is that my dance background is tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and more ballet. I learned to twerk only 2 years ago! I thought because I had a "small" booty, that I couldn't do it, so I practiced in the mirror for months and now...I travel to perform twerk choreography. 

Tiff Love - Twerk

Hi! My name is Aj Love. I am the mother of 3 beautiful children (2 girls ages 4 & 6, 1 boy age 16) I love living in Hotlanta! My claim to dance fame was when my step routine was televised while I was in high school. I haven't stopped dancing since then. 

Our Atlanta Instructors 

‚ÄčEmpowering Women Through Sensual Movement

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Dani Love - Sensual Dance

Hi I'm Dani Love born in New York raised in Atlanta. I always had a passion for dance since I was a little girl. I studied ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. I am currently a Paralegal and in school pursuing a law degree. I make it a point to give back to my community by participating in many feed the homeless campaigns. 



Neicey Love - Dutty Wine
AJ Love - Chair Dance